Still shopping around for the best couples promise rings? Whether it be secret message rings, matching promise rings or lock & key rings, we’ve got it all covered! Many couples decide together to give each other promise rings representing their promise of eternal love. This is a very sweet moment in the couple’s relationship since it’s the first real commitment to each other. Because in this case you can both choose the ring you like, sometimes choosing them together is a great option. However, there’s an even better option, which is to select promise rings that have a meaning together. It’s a lot more fun and engaging since you not only decide on the look and message of a single ring (his or hers), but focus on the significance relative to your relationship and how to reflect it on the personality of your promise rings when they come together. For example, secret message rings can have a meaning only when two parts of a quote, which are separately engraved in two different rings, are put together. They also include promise rings with messages in other languages or sensorial messages (fingerprint rings, soundwave rings, tactile rings or heartbeat ECG rings!). Or simply matching promise rings, which represent a different version of the same design in his and hers. Cute examples are king & queen rings or a pair of love birds, one in each ring. Or key & lock rings, featuring a physical element that makes the couples promise rings fit. Nice key & lock promise rings are puzzle pieces fitting into each other, Lego bricks or a stacking pattern.

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